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New Work: Battle Scars

Battle Scars

Battle Scars
24″ x 18″

This painting is pretty self-explanatory. It shows fingers that are bleeding after being pricked. I’ve been pricking my fingers since I was a little girl and more often than not, I have felt self-conscious about doing it in front of people. It’s something that I’ve been trying to get over for a long time, because even though some people don’t like to see blood or needles, all I’m doing is taking care of myself. I don’t worry about it as much anymore, but  I kind of have to force myself to not worry about it.

Battle Scars (detail)

Some people don’t have access to or can’t afford testing supplies and have to guess what their blood sugar level is. I’m fortunate to be able to test my blood sugar as many times as necessary each day. I’m also lucky to have access to glucose monitors that are always undergoing improvements. My first glucose monitor required a pretty large drop of blood, but now the required amount is significantly smaller. There is also the option of pricking your forearm instead of your fingers. So yeah, all things considered, I’m lucky. Thanks for reading :]