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Blind Portraits

The visiting artists program at SAIC is really special. During the summer, we had two artist lectures per week and we got to be more involved with 3 of those artists over the course of the residency. We presented on one artist (as a gift to them), had a group critique with another, and had a one-on-one studio visit with the last. Whether I like the artists’ work (and/or personalities) or not, I learn so much from each lecture and each interaction. This summer, I did my presentation on Rodney McMillian, had a group critique with Eileen Myles, and received a studio visit from Alejandro Cesarco.

I’ve started to make blind contour drawings of each artist during their lecture:


Yvonne Rainer + Gregg Bordowitz


Wu Tsang


Andrea Fraser


Kira Lynn Harris


Rodney McMillian


Lynne Tillman


Eileen Myles


Josiah McElheny


Superhero Posters

Captain America

Many of you may not know this, but I was an RA (resident advisor) for two years at JMU. In a nutshell, this means I was in charge of a group of freshmen in a residence hall and had to deal with roommate conflicts, policy violations, and a bunch of other things that come with freshman year. Another part of my job was creating and hosting programs for my residents. I was required to do (per semester) two community programs (to encourage bonding), one multicultural program, and one academic program. My last academic program took place during a theme week in our residence hall. Our theme was superheroes.


We always had to advertise our programs in some way, and for this particular program, I was feeling pretty ambitious. We had seven “halls” in our residence hall, so I decided to make seven posters, each with a different member of the Avengers. Just so you know, my program was about teamwork in an academic setting. See the connection?

The Hulk (program ad)Spiderman

For each poster, I took a 14″ x 17″ piece of bristol paper (my favorite paper) and lightly drew the portrait in pencil. I then painted the portraits with watercolor and outlined everything (plus added some shading and texture) with a sharpie and a fine point ink pen.

Iron Man (process)

So what became of these portraits? After all, they were among approximately 200 freshmen for several days. Well Iron Man was the only one who went missing. I also made the mistake of hanging Wolverine up above a water fountain and he ended up with water on his face (although I think it looks cooler this way). I sold Thor to my boss and gave Spiderman to my niece as a gift. The rest are still in my possession :] Thanks for reading!

Wolverine (before/after)Hawkeye



Keep an eye on this one!

Another painting I completed today is one that I’ve been working on for over a month. The reason it’s taken me so long is because it’s a portrait of a person very close to me. Even though I’m definitely getting better, I’ve always struggled with drawing and painting people. I rarely attempt to do portraits of the people closest to me because not only do I become a perfectionist and get frustrated if it doesn’t look exactly right, I also can’t help but worry that the person won’t like it or that they’ll get offended by it somehow.

Anyway, I’m trying to get over that, so I painted a picture of my 12-year-old brother. Perhaps I subconsciously chose him because he’s young and has perfect skin and will just think its cool that I painted him and not notice all the tiny details that I noticed while painting it… :P

I don’t think it’s perfect, but I’m happy with it nonetheless and I worked really hard on it…it’s got lots of layers of paint! :] Here it is:

Since I’m on the subject of my little brother, you should be aware of his amazing guitar skills! He’s already played alongside some great bands and on the news as well. Below are three of my favorite videos of him playing. Make sure to check out his other videos on YouTube as well. Enjoy! :]