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My Life in Lists

Hello! Do you have snow where you live? If so, I hope you’re staying safe and are able to enjoy it. Personally, I’m not a fan of snow except that I like looking at it and there is a lot to look at today here in Roanoke.

Anyway, I decided that today is a good day to talk about organization. I sometimes forget things really easily, so one thing I do to help myself stay organized and on top of things is to make lists and make lots of them. I make daily to-do lists, lists of goals for the future, lists of ideas, and so on. I even bought a book a few years ago called “My Future Listography: All I Hope To Do in Lists.”


Recently, I found some small paperback sketchbooks that I really love. They come in two different sizes and a few different colors. They remind me of the Moleskine books, but they are a little cheaper. The brand is Fabriano, in case you want to look for them. I get mine at Michaels.


Ever since I started buying them last year, I use them for everything–to take notes for an online class, to plan art lessons, to record my blood sugar levels, to sketch, and of course to write lists. Writing things down by hand helps me to remember them better and it helps me stay organized.


Thanks for reading!