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Sneak Peek: Fall Projects




Picture 1“The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine is seeking art for its upcoming exhibition, Medical Avatar: The Health Time Machine. Entries should include three self-portraits: you as you are today; you as you will be in 5 years if you continue with an unhealthy habit you have today; and you as you will be in 5 years if you continue with a healthy habit you have today.” 


From the Vault: Custom Shoes


These shoes were a gift to my boyfriend a little over four years ago. He had asked me to customize a pair of shoes he bought and I ended up doing it as my gift to him for our first Valentine’s Day together. I didn’t do much planning on the designs, it was just an idea in my head really, but I was really happy with the final product. I customized a few more shoes after this, but none of them turned out as good, in my opinion.


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Show and Tell #1

When I was in 8th grade, I sold my first painting. Surprisingly, it remains the biggest painting I’ve ever done (though not for long). I was homeschooled at the time so I had a more flexible schedule which allowed me to easily do all the work that this project entailed. A couple at the church that I go to commissioned me to do a painting of their home and the land that surrounded it. They were very generous and agreed to pay for both the supplies and the final painting. Beginning in October 2004, I went up to their house and took several pictures. After the couple chose which picture they liked best, I began to draw and then paint on a 48 x 60 inch canvas. I worked all the way through November and into December before I finished. Here is the finished product:

Completing this painting was somewhat of a self-confidence booster because I learned a lot throughout the process and grew quite a bit as an artist. I continue to be very proud of this painting :]