The Gallery U: Spring 2015

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For the past 15 weeks I’ve been sharing links to my posts on The Gallery U website. If you don’t already know, The Gallery U is a recently launched website featuring the artwork of college students across the US. I am one of 18 interns who has posted new work every week along with a brief description. It’s over for this semester, but it continues in the summer and I will join again in the fall! Here are all of my posts from the spring semester:

Week 1: Self Portrait

Week 2: Untitled (Madame Insulin in Red)

Week 3: Insulin is Not a Cure

Week 4: Ebb and Flow

Week 5: MI Framed

Week 6: Yes.

Week 7: Too Sweet

Week 8: Untitled (Pig Composition)

Week 9: Breathe

Week 10: Finger Lickin’ Good

Week 11: Yes II

Week 12: Untitled (Artist Book 1)

Week 13: Yes II (Phase 7)

Week 14: The Face of MI

Week 15: Untitled (Mark-Making)


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