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From the Vault: Custom Shoes


These shoes were a gift to my boyfriend a little over four years ago. He had asked me to customize a pair of shoes he bought and I ended up doing it as my gift to him for our first Valentine’s Day together. I didn’t do much planning on the designs, it was just an idea in my head really, but I was really happy with the final product. I customized a few more shoes after this, but none of them turned out as good, in my opinion.


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From the Vault: Oil Stick Portraits




I was cleaning my studio area the other day and I stumbled across some drawings that I had completely forgotten about. I did them a few years ago when I first discovered and fell in love with oil sticks (the big ones). They lie somewhere between oil pastels and oil paint and they’re a lot of fun to use. Anyway, I was just playing around with them when I drew these quick made up portraits of somewhat creepy-looking girls with pale skin, black hair and bright red lips. I only had black, white, and cream oil sticks because they’re kind of pricey. I used regular oil pastels to add some color.

DSC_1651 DSC_1647 DSC_1658


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From the Vault: RHCP Concert Poster

Fun fact about me: Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of my all time favorite bands and I’ve seen them in concert twice. Seeing them for the first time in 10th grade during their Stadium Arcadium Tour is mostly what got me hooked. It was my first big concert and I got to go thanks to my best friend and her parents. The experience was amazing and definitely in my top ten best, most unforgettable memories.

RHCP Concert Poster

So anyway, when I was taking an art class in high school (11th grade I think?), one of our assignments was to make some sort of concert poster using a layered cut paper technique. I chose to make a poster for the concert I went to. I actually really enjoyed the process of cutting each layer of paper, although I never used the technique again. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.

RHCP (detail 2)

I was really happy with my final piece. I’m thinking I need to dig it up and stick it in a frame soon… Anyway, thanks for reading :] New artwork should be up tomorrow.


From the Vault: Oil Painting

I first tried out oils when I was in the 11th grade. I was working with Diane Patton, a local studio artist and great inspiration of mine, and she offered to let me use her oil paints one day while I was in her studio. My favorite thing about the paint was the thickness of it. I was hooked from the beginning and I soon bought my own set.


I think this is the first painting I made with my new paint. It’s a painting of my niece, Elena. I actually never finished it, but I kind of like the looseness of it the way it is. Maybe one day I’ll work on it some more or maybe I’ll just leave it. Anyway, thanks for reading :]


From the Vault: Rubber Band Installation

I’m in the process of working on things that I can’t share just yet, but I wanted to continue posting on here in the meantime. I was looking through some old artwork of mine and I thought I would share some of the pieces. Enjoy! :]


This is an art installation made up of over 1000 rubber bands and some wire. I was so sick of the smell by the end, but I really liked the final project. This was my first project for a 3D design class I took back in my second semester of college (2010).DSC01678