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April Inspiration

Wow, can you believe it’s already May? Here are some things and people that inspired me last month:

Morula III 1983-4 by Terry Winters born 1949

1. Terry Winters


2. Jennifer Bartlett


3. Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please

hands-white-sq geoff-mcfetridge-paintings

4. Designs by Geoff McFetridge

KZ eyes

5. Designs by Kate Zaremba

“Tig Notaro: I really had the fear that if I walked away from this opportunity to perform that I would never be able to again.

Ira Glass: Oh wow, I didn’t understand that.

Tig Notaro: Yeah. You know, my life could just start changing very quickly. I could immediately be on chemo. I could be ill. My past four months had shown me that who knows what’s coming up.”

6. This American Life by Ira Glass: “What Doesn’t Kill You”

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