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Coordinated Chaos

For this piece, the assignment was to draw a still life (from observation) and then flip the paper upside-down and draw the exact same thing on top of the first drawing. After this we chose one color to use along with variations of gray, black, and white. I filled in the drawing with different patterns and mediums, merging some spaces and emphasizing others. The result was very interesting, although I wish I had chosen a different color. Oh well! :P

Click on the thumbnails below for more detailed views!


Light and Shade are Colors

I’m taking an introduction to painting class this semester, and our first assignment consisted of the three paintings above. There were three still lives set up in the classroom for a few weeks and we had to make a small painting of each one. The main focus was to depict light and shadows with colors instead of merely black and white. The hardest for me was the glass vase, but surprisingly it turned out to be the most successful out of the three.

The paintings were done in three general steps. Each step consisted of blocks of color, with the blocks getting more frequent with each progressing step. I rarely paint in this way, but I found it to be extremely effective for the assignment. I don’t usually paint things completely realistically, but I definitely had fun with these paintings.