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Exploring Pattern


I’ve been making work about diabetes for a few years now and I’ve explored several different materials and approaches along the way. During this time, I’ve encountered several challenges. Aside from dealing with the occasional emotional obstacles, I’ve struggled to guide this body of work in one direction and instead have branched off what feels like endlessly. It’s a complicated feeling because I do want to explore this subject as thoroughly as I can, but doing so also leads me to feel like I’m starting lots of different things and not spending enough time on any of them because I keep moving on to something else. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.

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Inspiration: Biology

Ever since I started making artwork about diabetes, I have found myself inspired by things in science–namely biology, and within that, cellular structures. I think this stems from my love for color, repetition, and organic shapes in art. I never attempt to accurately render a cell in a painting or drawing, instead I just gather ideas from images of them.

DSC_0793 DSC_0804

This process evolved quite a bit when I was taking an advanced figure drawing class. My final project involved using symbolism to create patterns that would represent “body armor”. I wanted to come up with symbols for protection, and one of the symbols that I designed represented the womb of a mother. I wanted the symbols to be very simple since I would have to draw hundreds of them, so this symbol merely consisted of 2 irregular rings, one inside the other, and a dot in the middle. It looked more like a cell to me, but this was actually still fitting for my project since different kinds of cells protect the body.


I fell in love with the look of this symbol in a pattern, so I continued to play around with it in my other work:

DSC_0768 DSC_0787


What inspires you?