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As an artist, I love making things. I’ve loved making things for a long time now. For some reason though, I never really got into 3D art until I had to take required classes in college. During my time at JMU, I’ve taken 3D Design, Metal and Jewelry, Ceramics, and Sculpture. Although working with these mediums did not come as naturally as painting or drawing for me, I really enjoyed these classes. I took sculpture this past fall and was so worried about it because I just had this idea stuck in my brain that I’m not very good at 3D art. I didn’t expect too much out of the class. Boy was I wrong! I learned so many things and was so proud of myself by the end of the semester. Here is a brief summary of everything I did:

1. Hybrid made out of chicken wire, burlap, plaster, wood, and newspaper

Sit With Me

Sit With Me

Sit With Me Sit With Me

The requirements for the first project were to make a sculpture combining elements from three different things: a vehicle, a fruit/vegetable, and an animal. I chose a boat, an avocado, and a kangaroo. This project evolved quite a bit and I was very happy with the end result.

2. Plaster Molds of Fruit/Vegetable Hybrids

Pumpkin + Pepper + Starfruit Pumpkin + Pepper + Starfruit Pepper + Gourds Pepper + Gourds Peppers + Starfruit Peppers + Starfruit Peppers + Starfruit

This was my least favorite part of the semester. Mostly because I was super tired of working with plaster by now. We had to bring in 2 fruits or vegetables, coat them with silicone, let the silicone dry, cut off the silicone (the food was starting to rot at this point so that was gross and smelly), wrap the mold with tape, mix plaster, fill the mold with plaster, let the plaster harden, remove the mold, repeat 4 more times, and combine different parts together. We had to make three hybrids (we used each other’s silicone molds) and then choose one to enlarge for our next project. I was so glad to be done mixing plaster.

3. Steel Rod Hybrid Chair Thing

Steel Rod Chair Steel Rod Chair Steel Rod Chair Steel Rod Chair

I learned how to weld! I loved welding. I felt so productive. I think this project took the longest, but I was very proud of myself upon it’s completion. You can really sit on the chair, although it’s not comfortable at all.

4. Conjoined Twins Project

Parasite Parasite

This final project had the most thought behind it. The assignment was to create an object for conjoined twins and we were encouraged to really think outside the box and consider life as a conjoined twin and what difficulties they are faced with. This explanation is a bit more lengthy so I will write a separate post on it and include the link here :]

I had to work really hard and work on projects over the weekend a lot, but I really enjoyed the class overall. My hard work paid off and I got an A. I learned that I am more capable than I often think. That’s always nice. Thanks for reading, have a great week!