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Show and Tell #1

When I was in 8th grade, I sold my first painting. Surprisingly, it remains the biggest painting I’ve ever done (though not for long). I was homeschooled at the time so I had a more flexible schedule which allowed me to easily do all the work that this project entailed. A couple at the church that I go to commissioned me to do a painting of their home and the land that surrounded it. They were very generous and agreed to pay for both the supplies and the final painting. Beginning in October 2004, I went up to their house and took several pictures. After the couple chose which picture they liked best, I began to draw and then paint on a 48 x 60 inch canvas. I worked all the way through November and into December before I finished. Here is the finished product:

Completing this painting was somewhat of a self-confidence booster because I learned a lot throughout the process and grew quite a bit as an artist. I continue to be very proud of this painting :]


Humor in Photography…

Last semester, in my Drawing II class, one of our assignments was to draw on a 3d object and take photos of it in different environments. After lots of thought and still unsure of what would be successful, I decided to buy a fairly large glass cylinder and, using a black sharpie, I drew a small man in a climbing position. I then proceeded to take my camera, hold the glass in front of me in different environments and make it look like the tiny man was actually climbing up on things. The final result was this collection of humorous pictures! Enjoy :]