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New Work: The Face of MI

The Face of MI

The Face of MI
Ink on paper
11″ x 15″

This piece appeals to my interests in symbolism and textile design. As I mentioned earlier this month, I am currently doing a lot of printmaking, and in particular, relief printing. Read more


The Gallery U

A few months ago, I was invited by a colleague to participate in a web-based internship. The newly-launched site is called The Gallery U and its purpose is to feature the work of college artists around the country and serve as a platform for artists to talk about art and the things that are influencing and inspiring their work.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.38.56 PM

I am one of 19 interns this semester and my job is to post new work (plus a brief description) every week for fifteen weeks. The site officially went live this week and each of the interns was introduced through self-portrait posts. My posts will go up every Friday and you can see my first post here.

Although I’m already very busy, this internship is an opportunity for me to connect with other artists and it will also provide an extra dose of pressure when it comes to producing work consistently. As I mentioned in a recent post on here, one of my goals this semester is to produce a lot of work.

Throughout the internship, all of the interns will be competing for a feature in V23, a New York-based blog which showcases the music, creative writing, photography, and art of young adults. If you like what you see and read every week, you can increase my chances of winning by clicking the little heart at the top of each article.



Progress #2: Diabetes on the Brain + New Pens!

Hello! Here’s a peek at the next piece in my new series “Diabetes on the Brain.” This one will be a bit harder to figure out than the last two.


Also, I bought new pens yesterday and I love them so far. I’ve been wanting to try out a brush pen for a while because I use ink pens a lot, but I always buy the same fine tip ones so I can’t achieve the variety of lines that I want. A brush pen seemed like a happy medium between a small paintbrush and a pen so I finally bought one. Actually, I bought a variety pack because it was a better deal :]


I used the regular brush pen (B) for the above drawing. It’s easy to use and the ink dries quickly so I’m a happy customer. Thanks for reading!


New Work: Just Do It

Just Do It

Just Do It
Watercolor + ink
9″ x 12″

This is the second painting in my new series “Diabetes on the Brain,” but the slogan “Just Do It” (from Nike) is actually what sparked the idea for this collection of artwork. I’m not sure how or why I started thinking about the connections between popular slogans and diabetes, but I did and one idea that kept popping into my head was the act of pricking my finger and the hesitation that I experience right before I push the button. I often mentally tell myself to just do it and get it over with already, and I thought, hmm..how fitting.

Just Do It (detail)

Thanks so much for visiting!


Sneak Peek: New Diabetes Series


I’m working on a lot of new things in preparation for my first summer residency in Chicago. I’m focusing on experimenting with different materials and processes and also working on a smaller scale. I’m really excited about these new pieces and I can’t wait to share the finished products with you over the next few months!




New Work: All the Same

All the Same

All the Same
36″ x 12″

This next painting is based on a photo of an artery and a vein by Thomas Caceci. I was really drawn to the photo because of the texture, but also because of the subject matter. I think one reason I enjoy painting the inside of the body is because  it comments on the fact that despite the differences in beliefs, values, and lifestyles, all humans are essentially made up of the same stuff.

All the Same (detail)

Also, I’m not sure why, but I’m a little obsessed with putting pink in my paintings. For some reason they usually don’t feel complete until I add some shade of pink (I usually go for a bubblegum pink…). It’s probably just a phase. In any case, I really enjoy this painting :] Thanks for reading! I’ll share the third painting tomorrow.