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Small Sketches

Something I’ve noticed in the past few years is that I really like grouping lots of small pieces together to sort of create a larger piece of art. I haven’t done it very much myself, but I’m drawn to work like that. Last year when I took the online class Practice Based Research in the Arts, I stumbled upon a series of drawings, paintings, and prints titled “The Lost Boys” by Eduardo Nasi. Individually, some of the pieces are very good, but I think the series as a whole is much stronger. I love the repetition of the characters and the variations in style and media.


Anyway, I want to incorporate that into my own work about diabetes. I think it will help me explore new ways of portraying that theme and it will be beneficial to have a larger body of work to refer to and be inspired by in the future.

I haven’t really started this process, but I’ve been making small ink pen sketches recently and there are elements in those that I plan to use again.


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :]