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From the Vault: RHCP Concert Poster

Fun fact about me: Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of my all time favorite bands and I’ve seen them in concert twice. Seeing them for the first time in 10th grade during their Stadium Arcadium Tour is mostly what got me hooked. It was my first big concert and I got to go thanks to my best friend and her parents. The experience was amazing and definitely in my top ten best, most unforgettable memories.

RHCP Concert Poster

So anyway, when I was taking an art class in high school (11th grade I think?), one of our assignments was to make some sort of concert poster using a layered cut paper technique. I chose to make a poster for the concert I went to. I actually really enjoyed the process of cutting each layer of paper, although I never used the technique again. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.

RHCP (detail 2)

I was really happy with my final piece. I’m thinking I need to dig it up and stick it in a frame soon… Anyway, thanks for reading :] New artwork should be up tomorrow.


Coordinated Chaos

For this piece, the assignment was to draw a still life (from observation) and then flip the paper upside-down and draw the exact same thing on top of the first drawing. After this we chose one color to use along with variations of gray, black, and white. I filled in the drawing with different patterns and mediums, merging some spaces and emphasizing others. The result was very interesting, although I wish I had chosen a different color. Oh well! :P

Click on the thumbnails below for more detailed views!