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Diabetes Art Day 2014!

Hey guys! It’s that time again! Today I’m sharing not only my submission for Diabetes Art Day, but also my niece’s submission. She’s a talented little artist and she told me she wanted to participate :] Her dad also has Type 1 diabetes.

Candidates of the Day

Candidates of the Day
Ana Morales
17″ x 14″
Sharpie and fine point ink pen


Elena Morales
11″ x 8.5″
Markers and crayons

And to check out the entire 2014 gallery for Diabetes Art Day, go HERE. Enjoy!


Projects in Progress

I’ve been making Thank You cards for people that have been helping me out post-graduation. They’re all different and I think this one is my favorite:


What do you think?

I have SO many ideas for new paintings and drawings and prints, but first I have two projects that I need to finish. My first deadline is February 3rd and that is Diabetes Art Day! This will be the fifth Diabetes Art Day, and in honor of that, Lee Ann Thill is asking participants to do a pre- and post-art making survey in order to hopefully fund some research on the relationship between art and diabetes. I’ve already completed my pre-art making survey, so now it’s time to make something for the special day. I will share it with you on February 3rd of course :] I will also include a link to the Diabetes Art Day online gallery.

My next project is also related to diabetes. I’m donating a painting to an auction at a JDRF gala in Pennsylvania that’s taking place in April. I already know what I’m going to paint and I’m hoping to have it done by mid-February at the latest. I will share photos as I work on it.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!



Diabetic Living: Diabetes Art Day

I have some exciting news! But first, some background info. Many of you may have been around for at least one of the many times I’ve mentioned Diabetes Art Day. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Diabetes Art Day was created by art therapist and diabetes blogger Lee Ann Thill three years ago. I was a sophomore in college at the time, and I heard about the event from my sister Sysy who is also a diabetes blogger. On Diabetes Art Day, people of all ages and skill levels can submit artwork about diabetes to an online gallery for anyone to view. I participated, and my sister also shared my work on her blog. The response was awesome! I had hardly ever made artwork about diabetes, but after participating in the first Diabetes Art Day, I sort of felt a calling to do it. It has quickly evolved into an effort to raise awareness and now I have a fairly large body of work that illustrates my life with diabetes.


Anyway, onto the exciting news! Earlier this year, Lee Ann mentioned on Facebook that the magazine Diabetic Living was going to do a story on Diabetes Art Day and they needed past participants to send in images of their work for the article. My painting from the first Diabetes Art Day was one of the pieces chosen to be featured in the article. I was contacted and interviewed via email by the author, Martha Miller Johnson in early June.

The Winter 2013 edition of the magazine just hit the stands and I’m happy to share part of the article with you :]


A huge thank you to writer, Martha Johnson, and to Lee Ann for creating this awesome event! Here is a link to Lee Ann’s blog: The Butter Compartment. The next Diabetes Art Day takes place on February 3, 2014 :]


Happy Diabetes Art Day 2012!


Most people can’t tell that I have diabetes just by looking at me because it’s an invisible illness. In other words, all the damage is being done inside me. But even when people know that I have diabetes, they assume I’m fine because I don’t look sick (at least not usually). I feel defeated by my diabetes more than I let people know because I don’t want them to worry about me or feel sorry for me. It’s been hard for me to put diabetes first, especially when there are so many other things that I feel I  need to dedicate a lot of time to as well because they’re also very important (school, art, relationships…). I made this drawing for a variety of reasons. I made it primarily to show that diabetes is a huge part of my life (and always will be), but it’s not the only thing that defines me. Diabetes is 24/7, but other things occasionally occupy my mind, naturally. I also made it to remind myself of my priorities. Good health makes everything else a little easier, so I’m keeping that in mind.. :]

Check out the official website to see all the amazing art!



The opening for my show has been moved from Monday September 3rd to Monday September 10th. The show will still be up starting on the 3rd, but the purpose of the “opening” is that it’s the only guaranteed time that all of the artists will be there. There will also be food :] The opening will take place from 5-7pm in the ArtWorks Gallery at JMU.

Side note: Coming Soon! Diabetes Art Day! I’m currently working on a piece to submit, and it will be posted on September 1st along with a link to the official website :]

Correction: Diabetes Art Day is September 24th this year! My mistake :P



I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was only three years old. That means I’ve been dealing with this disease for over sixteen years. Despite the amount of time I’ve been dealing with such a personal issue, I’ve rarely used it as a subject for my art..but I’m really happy with the way this piece turned out. Check out www.thebuttercompartment.com for more info on this event. Also, BE SURE to take a look at my sister’s blog (which I am a contributing author on) www.thegirlsguidetodiabetes.com.  This piece will also be posted on her website today. Have an awesome diabetes art day! :]