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Speed, Multiples, Density, Layering

I’m currently preparing for a new semester of classes, which includes preparing to write my thesis…which is crazy. At this point last year, I had no idea what my thesis would look like or if I would be prepared for it when the time came. When I compare all the work I’ve made in just the past few months, let alone the past few years, it seems as if I don’t know what I’m doing. And sometimes I truly don’t. At times I couldn’t decide which medium to use, whose advice to listen to, or what to make. What I’ve learned recently is actually something that I already knew. I had to work through all that uncertainty to get where I am now. I had to try out different mediums and follow up on advice I was given and make a bunch of stuff that I wasn’t satisfied with. ¬†And now I feel a lot more certain of the work I’m making.

Anyway, the images below are documentation of one of those paths I ventured down. I experimented with layering, manipulating, and mechanical reproduction via photocopier. The process was incredibly satisfying and I’m very happy I spent last summer creating these pieces. One day I might return to them…we’ll see.



The next few images were taken as I prepared for our summer open studios. You can see the number of pieces on the wall dwindling as I removed the less successful ones.









I played around a lot with the density feature on the photocopier. And I say ‘played’ because it was surprisingly a lot of fun to just stand at the copier like a scientist adjusting different parts of the process and layering random materials on my drawings.







Until next time! xoxo


Post-Impressionist Study

One of my favorite painters of all time is Vincent van Gogh, so when my painting professor explained that one of our assignments this semester was an impressionist/post-impressionist study, I knew right away which artist I would choose. Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night” is one of my favorite paintings, but I decided not to tackle it for that reason… Instead, I chose his painting “Still Life with Pears” shown here:

I love painting pears, as you know if you saw one of my first posts, so this painting caught my attention. I also love the colors and the composition. I have a book on van Gogh, which is where I first saw this painting. I found the picture above on the internet, but its fuzzy and the colors are distorted, so here is an image of what I was actually looking at while I painted:

Better, right? Well, after working on it for about 7 hours total, I finally finished today! It turned out much better than I anticipated, and I’m very happy with the final result. Drum roll please…