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The opening for my show has been moved from Monday September 3rd to Monday September 10th. The show will still be up starting on the 3rd, but the purpose of the “opening” is that it’s the only guaranteed time that all of the artists will be there. There will also be food :] The opening will take place from 5-7pm in the ArtWorks Gallery at JMU.

Side note: Coming Soon! Diabetes Art Day! I’m currently working on a piece to submit, and it will be posted on September 1st along with a link to the official website :]

Correction: Diabetes Art Day is September 24th this year! My mistake :P



My art show that I talked about a few times is taking place REALLY soon! The opening is on Monday September 3rd from 5-7pm. I just found out about this two days ago so I’ve been rushing to get everything done since I leave for school this Friday. The show will be up until Saturday September 15th and the gallery hours are: Monday-Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm. The show will be at artWorks Gallery, a student run art gallery at JMU in Harrisonburg. My artwork focuses on my life with Type 1 Diabetes and features comments from several people who are also affected by the disease in some way.

Here’s to a great show!



After three attempts to get a spot for an art show at the student run art gallery at James Madison University…I finally got a spot! You know how sometimes you want something, but then you don’t get it, but then you realize later it was a good thing that you didn’t get what you wanted? That’s how I feel. The last two times I applied for a spot and did the interview and everything, I was planning to use a series of pieces of people depicting different emotions. It really wasn’t that personal, and honestly that subject is way overdone. I mean, I could’ve made it work, but I realized that the way I was doing it wasn’t the way I should’ve been doing it.

So, I tried something new, something extremely personal that I suddenly wanted to share: my life with Type I Diabetes. Every time I worked on something related to this, I found myself thinking, “Why didn’t I do this before? How did I go this long without thinking of using diabetes as the subject for my work?” I mean, I’ve had diabetes for over 18 years now.

There aren’t words to accurately describe how I felt and still feel about what I’m doing. I want people to better understand how hard it is to live like this. I want them to dismiss the idea that diabetes isn’t so bad, because I “look” healthy. I want them to imagine what it was like for my parents to prick my fingers and give me injections multiple times a day when I was only 3 years old. I want people to know that insulin isn’t a cure, it’s just what keeps me alive.

For almost the past year, I’ve been working on making artwork that reflects my intimate feelings towards this disease that I have. I am so excited, and a little scared, to share it with people! I’ve already posted several pieces on my Facebook page: Artwork by Ana Maria Morales, but I’ll wait to post the rest there and on here as well until my show takes place sometime in the fall.

If you or someone you know well has diabetes and you would like to contribute to my art show, please answer these three questions:

  1. What is the hardest part about living with diabetes?
  2. What is one positive thing that diabetes has taught you?
  3. How many years have you had diabetes? (Or who do you know that has diabetes)

Thank you so much!