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Happy Diabetes Art Day 2012!


Most people can’t tell that I have diabetes just by looking at me because it’s an invisible illness. In other words, all the damage is being done inside me. But even when people know that I have diabetes, they assume I’m fine because I don’t look sick (at least not usually). I feel defeated by my diabetes more than I let people know because I don’t want them to worry about me or feel sorry for me. It’s been hard for me to put diabetes first, especially when there are so many other things that I feel I ┬áneed to dedicate a lot of time to as well because they’re also very important (school, art, relationships…). I made this drawing for a variety of reasons. I made it primarily to show that diabetes is a huge part of my life (and always will be), but it’s not the only thing that defines me. Diabetes is 24/7, but other things occasionally occupy my mind, naturally. I also made it to remind myself of my priorities. Good health makes everything else a little easier, so I’m keeping that in mind.. :]

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