Precision and Reach Opening Reception

precision and reach collage

Last night I attended the opening reception for Precision and Reach, an art show curated by artist Jane Lillian Vance. The show is displayed in the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in Roanoke, Virginia as part of their Creativity in Health Education Program. I have two mixed media pieces in the show, which will be up through June.

Precision and Reach Morales

Read Vance’s statement for more information about the theme of this show:

“When I was asked to curate a show for Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, I wanted to build a bridge. I wanted to celebrate a hybrid territory where medical practitioners and artists are fundamentally related, equally useful, equally precise, and equally relevant to their shared community.

Medicine is built on measurement. It is the science of karma, of cause and effect. One trains in this discipline to be reasonable, logical, and objective, and yet healing also requires trust and faith. At the confluence of knowledge and compassion, medicine is most precise.

When is art precise? When is art detective, investigative, diagnostic?

Detailed art can be fascinated by the microscopic, by theoretical physics, enraptured by the dance between light and form. While some artists brace and hold their breath in the presence of math and science, others revel in the coincidence and occurrence of Fibonacci spiral equations in sunflower heads and in the fractal distribution of tree species in a forest. Artists divine inspiration from systems, relationships, proportions, colors, chemistry, precision.

This intense, current, and nuanced dialogue between physicians and artists across the centuries illustrates brilliantly the impact of Precision and the breadth of Reach that art creates.

Reach means relevance and breadth, humanitarian, medical, and spiritual; and relevance is urgent when humanity and planet are suffering from the legion jaws of disease, poverty, ignorance and violence.

This exhibition investigates the synaptic space between art and science. Join me in witnessing a range of artistic interpretations of the creativity, humanity, and grace found in that interstice.”

A few of Vance’s large intricate paintings are also included in the show:

Hands of Nature by Jane Lillian Vance


Hands of Science by Jane Lillian Vance



Jane Lillian Vance


During a brief talk at the opening, Vance introduced us to Alex, a boy who cannot communicate verbally, but who created a beautiful series of work in collaboration with Vance.

Program founder Dr. David Trinkle introducing Jane Lillian Vance accompanied by Alex.


The show is full of beautiful and inspiring stories and I hope you check it out if you are in the area!

DSC_0591 DSC_0590

Corn Seed and Stem Section by Danielle Burgess


Neuron by Pam Shanley


As always, thanks for reading and looking. xoxo





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