January Inspiration

Ten Hundred

1. Ten Hundred’s bold color schemes and use of thrift store art as backgrounds for his work

“I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be so bad just being a pop song, or perhaps to have created a work that people hum or sing to for a while, that is tied to a specific time and therefore a memory in one’s life, not stretching into universality, but maintained in a cultural moment.”

2. Article by Pseudo Pompous: “Do I want to be a pop song?”

Aiken 2 Aiken

3. Lucy Aiken’s organic shapes and beautiful combinations of neutral and bold colors

Gallery U Artists

4. The Artists of The Gallery U

“What does it mean to spend a good part of one’s life absorbed in books? Given that our time is limited, the problem of reading becomes one of exclusion. Why pick one book over the hundred, perhaps thousands on our bookshelves, the further millions in libraries and stores? For in settling on any book we are implicitly saying no to countless others.”

5. Moyra Davey’s book The Problem of Reading

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