Inspiration: Biology

Ever since I started making artwork about diabetes, I have found myself inspired by things in science–namely biology, and within that, cellular structures. I think this stems from my love for color, repetition, and organic shapes in art. I never attempt to accurately render a cell in a painting or drawing, instead I just gather ideas from images of them.

DSC_0793 DSC_0804

This process evolved quite a bit when I was taking an advanced figure drawing class. My final project involved using symbolism to create patterns that would represent “body armor”. I wanted to come up with symbols for protection, and one of the symbols that I designed represented the womb of a mother. I wanted the symbols to be very simple since I would have to draw hundreds of them, so this symbol merely consisted of 2 irregular rings, one inside the other, and a dot in the middle. It looked more like a cell to me, but this was actually still fitting for my project since different kinds of cells protect the body.


I fell in love with the look of this symbol in a pattern, so I continued to play around with it in my other work:

DSC_0768 DSC_0787


What inspires you?


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