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Inspiration: Texture + Pattern

One of the things I enjoy the most about my new DSLR camera is that I can take pictures of things up close without the image becoming fuzzy. I like focusing on interesting textures and patterns, and lately it has been giving me ideas for new artwork.

Woven Bag

Here are some images I took of my various bags. Most of them are from thrift stores. Any bag with an interesting texture or pattern always grabs my attention first :]

BagCollage1 BagCollage2

I love the look of mixing different patterns and textures. I think I’ll incorporate that more into my own work. Thanks for reading :]


Easy Reupholstering

My bedroom went through a “makeover” recently, so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about things I wanted to change or add to it. The chair at my desk has a black seat cushion and I thought it would look better with a patterned fabric instead, so I sifted through my bags of fabric that I’ve been collecting for some unknown art projects, and picked out a few that would look good in my room. This is the pattern I went with:


I picked this one because I have a lot of color in my room already so I like adding black and white to it where I can. I also like the hand-stamped look of the pattern. The fabric came from a shirt that I got from a Goodwill Outlet in Salem, VA. It literally cost me a few cents!

The actual upholstering part was really simple. 1) Unscrew seat from chair 2) Lay seat onto fabric to make sure it’s a big enough piece to cover and wrap around to the bottom of the seat 3) Take a staple gun and staple the fabric to the bottom of the seat while pulling tightly and evenly 4) Screw the seat back onto the chair. And that’s it! Here is the finished project along with a “before” picture:

Picture 2

Since this fabric is mainly white and pretty thin, I’m not expecting it to last a long time, but that just means I’ll get to switch up the pattern with a new fabric! Thanks for reading :]



Announcements: August Art Show and Etsy Shop Opening!

Hey guys! I have two exciting things to talk about. I mentioned both of these things in my last post, and as promised, I’m here to give you more info.

First of all, I finally opened my Etsy shop! I spent many, many hours working on things to make it as “official” as possible. I listed several items that I’ve had done for months now, but I also created a collection of pieces just for the opening (The Dragonfruit Collection if you want to check it out). I also came up with a logo design and hand-printed it onto tags for the clothing. My sisters and I even modeled the clothes, which was really fun :] Right now I just have clothing (and one tote bag) for sale, but I’ll be putting up small drawings and paintings in the near future.

ana dress 5

You can check out all the excitement HERE

My second announcement is that I’m having an art show in August in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. My work will be displayed in Larkin Arts for the whole month of August. Larkin Arts is a really cute school/store/gallery/studio that just opened last year. I’m so  excited to show my work there. The opening reception will take place on Friday August 2nd from 5-8pm and the work will be on display until Tuesday September 3rd. The gallery hours are 11am-7pm Mon-Sat (they’re closed on Sundays).

Insulin is Not a Cure

The work that I’ll be showing is once again a collection of dress pieces that reflect my life with Type 1 Diabetes. Some of the pieces were included in my last show, but I’ve also been working on new things since then. If you’re in the area, I hope you can make it! I’ll be there for the duration of the opening reception.

Bonus announcement: I’m going to be in another magazine! More info on that later :] Have a great day!


Current Obsession: Hand-Stamped/Painted Clothing

I regularly check Elsie Larson’s amazing blog A Beautiful Dress (regularly as in a few times a day…) and a few months ago I stumbled upon this Hand Stamped D.I.Y. dress project. I wanted to do nearly every single DIY project on the website, but this one especially. So over my spring break I bought supplies (foam, wood blocks, fabric paint) and grabbed a solid-colored dress from my closet (one I don’t wear much). I drew a bird onto the foam, cut it out, and glued it to a block of wood. I also made a small triangle stamp.

The stamping process was easy: I just painted black fabric paint onto the foam and then firmly pressed it onto the dress. I should also mention that I put a piece of cardboard inside the dress. I continued the process until both the front and the back were covered:

When I came home for summer break, one of the first things I wanted to do was hand-stamp more of my clothes. Here is what I have done so far:

Hand-made stamps!

I’ve also hand-painted a few items:

I got this shirt at Goodwill and just put strips of blue painters tape and painted in between. Easy!

This last one took about 2 hours..maybe a little more. I’m beginning to run out of clothes to enhance, so I’m sticking to cheap T-shirts for now. I’ll post more pictures as I do more stamping and painting. Thanks for reading!